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Originally created as a skydivers’ portable wind indicator for demonstration jumps, Windsigns also double as a means of advertising, by way of information displayed on the Windsign fabric itself.  Windsigns quickly became utilized by varied businesses at many different venues.


When collapsed,Windsigns are easy to store and transport, weighing approximately 5 lbs. and measuring 48”.  Windsigns eye catching movement in the wind and easy to read billboard like properties, as well as portability, gives them advantages over other types of advertising devices.


Windsign’s quick and easy assembly features make them ideal for marking temporary locations, such as: open house events, birthday parties or just about anything you want to call attention to on short notice.


Easy to erect, the only thing needed is a hammer to drive a stake into the ground to set up a Windsign. It takes less than 10 minutes.


Erected WindSigns are usually 17’ tall (other sizes available).


Display information (script) on WindSigns is appliquéd. (Appliqué is a cut and sew process that produces an attractive stained glass window effect).


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Windsigns have been in production since 1992, woman owned and operated.

Cage #:  1BWY1


DUNS #:119298268

WindSigns are not recommended in winds over 18 mph.